Bolt Seal (container)

Bolt or container seals find their application wherever there is a need to ensure a higher level of security. This seal are made of high quality steel, which provides high resistance to attempts at manipulation. These bolt seals have been approved by the customs authorities all over the world, including all EU member states and the USA, according to ISO/PAS 17712 as High Security Seals.


Total length of seal pin : 86 mm
Total length of closing mechanism : 86 mm
Packaging10 pcs in transparent case
100 pcs in carton
white & yellow
Technology: laser
Text: Yes
Logo: Yes
Numbering: Yes
Bar Code: Yes
QR Code: No
The seal pin and closing mechanism are made of galvanized low carbon steel with plastic coating.
RemarksMinimum diameter of application hole : 12 mm
Maximum diameter of application hole : 23 mm
Both parts are marked with "H" indicating High Security Seal
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