Pull Tight MES15

Plastic security seal with metal insert and simple method of applicaton is characterized by small dimensions. The seal is made of high quality material which is resistant to extreme temperatures and weather effects. Laser technology offers wide range of individual marking possibilities. Patented solution of closing mechanism excludes the possibility of unauthorized manipulation. For sealing of cash bags, medical bags, fire extinguishers, various closures, valves, cabinets, lockers, electricity meters, labeling of hand tools, boxes, checkpoints, bolts.


Total length: 180mm
Operating length: 156mm
Diameter of application hole: 1.4 mm
Packaging10 pieces in block, 10 blocks in PE bag, 10.000 pieces in carton
Standard seal colors: white, yellow, blue, orange, gray
Standard marking color: black
Technology: laser
Marking field: 13x16mm
Standard marking: consecutive numbering
Customized marking: Yes
Text: 8 characters
Logo: Yes
Numbering: Yes
Bar Code: Yes
QR Code: Yes
Polypropylene with metal insert
RemarksTension strenght: 60 N (6kg)
Temperature range: -40°C to +50°C
Method of application: manual, no tools needed
Method of removal: manual, light cutting tool
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