Security Bags

Security envelopes for transport of valuables, money and confidential documents. There are differents sizes and versions with unique numbering and barcode, which can also be customised.

These products are recyclable, disposable in landfills (domestic waste) and can be burnt in modern municipal waste incinerators.


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PackagingInto cartons and onto pallets for large quantities.
Transparent or opaque
2 barcodes with unique number, at top & on the tear-off receipt.
Own marking possible as from 5.000 pieces
Recycled coextruded PE
RemarksSTRONG : highly resistant material, withstands tears, creases & scratches
WATERPROOF : repellent against water & other liquids
FLEXIBLE : adapts to the shape of the content
PRACTICAL : easy to fill & quick to close
ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY : made of recyclable materials
CONFIDENTIAL : opaque material protects the content from view
CUSTOMISED : your personal layout possible as from 5.000 pieces